SCB-PT Professional Pneumatic Control Module, listen to the ± choice of the pneumatic "heart"!

The pneumatic control module, as a special driving device for the flexible clamp, adjusts the gas pressure value in the clamping jaw through the control module to achieve precise control of the deformation and strength of the flexible clamping jaw, which is as important as the human heart.


1 Positive and negative pressure can be adjusted 

The positive pressure and negative pressure output by the controller can be adjusted, corresponding to the gripping force and opening range of the gripper, and the gripper action frequency is efficient, up to 120 times a minute. 


2 High air pressure accuracy

Through the cooperation of the internal pneumatic components of the controller and the program algorithm, the precise output of the air pressure of the controller can be achieved.


3 kinds of control methods

Manual control, IO level control, communication control; suitable for various scenarios: manual demonstration, industrial production line cycle work, communication secondary development, etc.



4 kinds of pressure regulation methods

Manual pressure regulation, IO pressure regulation, and communication pressure regulation can be used.


5 kinds of communication protocols

Modbus-RTU & Modbus-TCPModbus-RTU & Modbus-TCP are suitable for various mainstream robotic arms, PLC and other control equipment.


6 multi-speed air pressure adjustment

It has an 8-speed dual-channel adjustable air pressure range, and the preset gear is read through IO, which is more convenient to adjust the output air pressure.


7 Gas supply detection function

With the gas supply detection function, when the gas source pressure does not reach the required range, the device will display ERROR


8 complete signal output


When the flexible gripper reaches the positive/negative pressure stable state, the output level signal is sent to the control device, which can be used as the starting signal for the next step

9 Easy to install

Equipped with adapters and industrial rail clips, it can support various installation methods such as flat placement, backplane installation and industrial rail installation.





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