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Soft Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SRT") is an innovative technology company based on soft robot technology. The company has the whole process design, manufacturing and related control technology of soft robots. The industrial foundation of the manufacturing industry, giving full play to the synergistic advantages of industrialization, and the relevant technical level continue to be at the forefront of the industry. At present, the products have been used in semiconductor, fresh food, 3C, auto parts, medical equipment and other industries.

As a technology group company serving the world, SRT is headquartered in Beijing Economic Development Zone, Beijing, and has subsidiaries in Suzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Japan and other places. The company's products cover industrial end effectors, digital production equipment, overall solutions for digital factories, exoskeleton robots for rehabilitation, education and training and other fields. It has 148 patents, including 10 international patents and 48 invention patents. Its products are exported to 26 countries around the world, serving 20 industries and nearly 400 leading customers. In addition, a hand rehabilitation robot with active resistance training function has been developed, and the registration of Class II medical device products has been completed, and a medical device production license has been obtained. The enterprise case was selected into the first nationwide "Blue Book on the Development of China's Rehabilitation Assistive Device Industry" in the rehabilitation assistive device industry.

The company has been rated as the third batch of “Little Giant” enterprises in the country, the first batch of “Little Giant” enterprises in Beijing, and the small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing. , Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, Beijing-level enterprise science and technology research and development institution, expert unit of Zhejiang Intelligent Manufacturing Committee; won the first prize of the 2021 HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition, and the 2020 "Maker China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National Finals The first place, the special prize of the enterprise group of the 2020 "Maker Beijing" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, etc.

Enterprise History


- Soft Robot Tech established in March.
- First appearance on PROPAK Shanghai,
  China in July.
- First product developed in November.
- Signed contract with first overseas.
  agent in November.
- 10 new products rolled out in 2016.


- Soft Robot Tech listed as High-Tech
  Enterprise of Zhongguancun in January.
- Cooperated with Foxconn and
  participated in the production of
  iPhone 10 in August.
- Obtained an angel investment of
  10 million RMB in September.
- Soft Robot Tech listed as National
  High-Tech Enterprise in October.
- Suzhou Soft Robot Tech established
  in December.
- 16 new products rolled out in 2017,
  developed 22 cooperative clients.


- Shenzhen Soft Robot Tech established
  in April.
- Obtained the first million-level order of
  HAERS thermos bottles in April.
- Rated as pioneering innovative
  enterprise of Zhangjiagang in May.
- Became level-I supplier of Delta Group
  in October.
- Rated as pioneering innovative
  enterprise of Suzhou in November.
- Obtained an Pre-A investment of
  16.6 million RMB in December.
- Honored the 2018 High-Tech Golden
  Award of “Robot Application Product”
  in December.
- Reported to Mahathir Mohamad,Prime
  Minister of Malaysia,about the smart
  harvesting solution in December.
- Released 29 new products, developed
  85 clients, signed two overseas agents
  and served two countries in 2018.


- Obtained A Round Financing of
  10 million RMB in May.
- Zhangjiagang R&D and Manufacturing
  Center completed in May.
- Suzhou Soft Robot Smart Equipment
  established in June, to provide
  intelligent manufacturing solutions.
- Rated as “Double-Talent” innovative
  project of Suzhou of Year 2019 in July.
- Suzhou Box Vision established
  in August, providing machine-based
  vision detection capability.
- Selected by the Yongkang Thermos
  Bottle Industrial Internet Platform which
  was sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial
  Intelligent Manufacturing Committee
  in October.
- Special coverage by Nikkei Business
  Weekly, a professional economic journal
  of Japan, in November.
- Rated as an Industrial Internet
  professional service provider of Suzhou
  in November.
- Won the Silver Award in the Category of
  Commercial and Industrial Growth of
  the 6th CASIC Cup “Creative Youth”
  Chinese Youth - Innovation and
  Entrepreneurship Competition
  in November.
- Honored two prizes of 2019 high-tech
  industrial Golden Ball award
  of “Product of the Year”
  and “Top-10 enterprise with fastest
  growth of the year” in December.
- Obtained the first 10-million-level order
  of Ansheng thermos bottle
  in December.
- Released 70 products, developed 194
  clients, signed 14 overseas agents and
  served 12 countries in 2019.


- Rated as “Digital Transformation
  General Contractor of Yongkang
  Thermos Bottle” and “excellent
  engineering service institution of
  smart transformation” in March.
- Released Ruanjia, the national first
  health recovery product for
  post-cerebral stroke limb disturbance
  in May.
- Joined in the plan of Microsoft
  Accelerator in May.
- The global first automatic thermos
  bottle production line delivered in June.
- Rated as “Specialized New”
  small-and-medium-sized enterprise
  of Beijing in July.
- Honored special award of Enterprise
  category of the “Maker Beijing 2020”
  Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  Competition in September.
- Honored first prize in the Enterprise
  category of the 2020 “Maker China”
  Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  Competition in October.
- Hefei Seritan established in October,
  providing overall solution of packaging,
  warehousing and logistics.
- Took part in the Third China
  International Import Expo together
  with Microsoft, being a global smart
  manufacturer partner of Microsoft
  in October.
- Obtained B-Round financing of
  66.6 million RMB in November.
- Rated top-10 of the “Global Top-50
  New Companies with Most
  Potential” in December.
- Released 86 products, developed 186
  clients, signed 5 overseas agents and
  served 15 countries in 2020.


- SRT Headquarters and R&D building

  moved to new location in January.

- Rated as member of the Artificial

  Intelligence Industry Innovation

  Alliance in January.

- Rated as a specialized new “Little

  Giant” enterprise of Beijing in May.

- Four major new product series

  marketed in May.

- Special coverage by Economy Half

  Hour of economic channel of CCTV

  in June.

- Participated in the National "Specialized

  New" Small and Medium-sized

  Enterprises Summit jointly sponsored by

  the Ministry of Industry and Information

  Technology and Hunan Provincial

  People's Government and exhibited

  relevant projects in July.

- Honored the title of national specialized

  new “Little Giant” and interviewed

  by CCTV news channel as a key

  enterprise in August.

- Won first prize in HICOOL Global

  Entrepreneur Summit and

  Entrepreneurship Competition

  in September.

- It has 148 patents, including 10

  international patents and 48 invention

  patents. Its products are exported

  to 23 countries around the world,

  serving nearly 400 leading customers

  in 20 industries.


hotline: 0086+400-186-7770

Business :

|  Beijing  |  Soft  |  Building 12, No.109 Yard, Jinghai 3rd Road, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing

|  Suzhou  |  Soft  | Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Park, 1 Guotai North Road, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou 

|  Suzhou  |  Intelligent  |  No.5 Factory, Shengda Baoluo Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Park, 1919 Fengyang Road, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

|  Hangzhou|Soft|5A-4, Building 7, No. 11, Jugong Road, Xixing Street, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province 

|  Suzhou|Bokeshi|Gaorong Building, High-speed Rail New Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

|  Hefei|Sairuitan|Anhui Zhenxin Industrial Park, No. 8 Qingluan Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province

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