You have at least 8 weeks to figure out these robot platforms!

July "summer war" is about to sound, some students have already secretly planned a "holiday battle plan", some with the announcement of college entrance examination results, began to plan to volunteer to fill in the work. According to data, 24 new undergraduate majors have been approved by the Ministry of Education in 2024, among which those related to robot research and development and manufacturing are particularly noteworthy. This change not only reflects the national higher education's keen insight into the development of emerging industries, but also indicates a new trend in the future job market.

SRT is not only the secretary general unit of the national robot and intelligent manufacturing industry integration Community, but also a promoter and implementor of long-term cooperation with major universities across the country to strengthen the integration of software robotics technology. In recent years, in order to better improve the practical training ability of professional students, SRT has built a series of robot practical training platforms to bring important applications in many real scenarios to the campus, and promote industrial development and technical talent incubation with immersive teaching.

Below, let's explore the charm of soft robots through a few typical case videos. In the summer, I also hope that they can become an interest guide for teachers and students of universities to explore soft robot technology and applications.

Robot intelligent picking training platform

"Through actual combat participation, students can gain an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and development trends of robotics technology, and improve their practical and innovative abilities."

[Application scenario] Education and teaching/Modern farmland picking

[About the platform] SRT robot intelligent picking training platform is mainly built for agricultural fruit picking scene, path planning and autonomous navigation are realized by AGV car, visual recognition is carried out by depth camera system, apple picking action is completed by mechanical arm and SRT flexible end jig, and the flexible end jig holds gently. It can adaptively cover the target object to realize apple lossless grasping.

This platform is a delivered project of Engineering Training Center of Shangluo University, which is suitable for experimental teaching and scientific research in the direction of agricultural picking. The overall path planning and picking procedure in the video is designed and completed by the students participating in the practical training task, and the universities can optimize the picking and placing actions according to the real picking process of crops.

Dual robot cooperation and manufacturing training platform

"Through practical teaching, robotics related majors not only help students improve their skills and qualities, but also lay a solid foundation for their future careers."

[Application scenario] Education and teaching

[About the platform] The two-machine collaborative U disk assembly practice platform is a practical teaching equipment platform to carry out intelligent manufacturing and robot comprehensive application. The platform takes U disk production assembly as a scene case to form a small U disk automatic assembly line. It can realize the fully automated assembly of the upper cover of the U disk, the core circuit board of the U disk and the lower cover of the U disk, and put the assembled U disk into an independent packaging box for the automatic operation of the whole process of packaging, screw locking, labeling of the finished product and storage of the final product.

The platform sets a variety of practical tasks. Students complete the basic robot operation, SCARA robot operation, parameter configuration, online teaching programming, PLC programming, tool replacement, complex trajectory planning, assembly process application, IO and bus communication and visual inspection application through practical training, and cultivate students' technical abilities related to industrial robot systems. Team cooperation ability, innovative design thinking ability, to achieve the training of composite skills.

Intelligent interaction - robot tea art display platform

"With the continuous development of robot technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, the demand for relevant professionals will continue to grow."

[Application scenario] Education/Guest reception/Mobile technology display

SRT intelligent interactive - robot tea art display platform is an important equipment to display the gradual modernization of traditional tea ceremony brewing, known as the "flowing science and technology exhibition hall". The newly upgraded tea art display platform has a more compact structure and a more concise appearance. It makes tea drinks by simulating the actions of tea brewing masters. The overall process can be divided into automatic water adding, tea brewing, tea separation, tea pouring and tea serving.

The platform includes robot system, food grade flexible fixture system, pneumatic system, water supply system and other equipment to form a robot tea art display scene, which helps students to understand the integration knowledge of robot system, master the industrial control skills of robot, flexible fixture, pneumatic system and so on, and improve the design and implementation ability of robot workstation system.

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