Yongkang insulation cup industry "N+X" lightweight digital transformation officially kicked off

On September 8, a "N+X" digital transformation exchange activity of the thermos cup industry entitled "Number intelligence Drive, Future can be expected" was successfully held in Yongkang Business Base of Soft Robot Technology Co., LTD. (SRT), marking the official launch of the "N+X" lightweight digital transformation of the thermos cup industry in Yongkang City. During the event, digital service providers from all sides conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on how to promote the implementation of the "N+X" lightweight digital transformation work of Yongkang City Government, and reached a consensus on policy understanding, work objectives, demonstration project construction, action plan, promotion and guarantee mechanism.

On August 31, SRT became the general contractor for the 2023 Yongkang Municipal Government Thermos Cup "N+X" digital transformation. SRT hopes that by building an "open, collaborative and win-win" cooperation platform and mechanism, together with digital service providers, with the digital upgrading of service enterprises as the core, jointly build the ecosystem and product matrix of digital service providers, give full play to their respective advantages in the digital field, and empower digital upgrading of thermal cup enterprises.

What is "N+X" digital transformation

The Zhejiang Provincial government proposes to take the lead in realizing the "three full coverage" of digital transformation by the end of 2024, and the "N+X" digital transformation policy is the Yongkang Municipal government's effort to further implement the "No. 1 Development Project" of digital economy innovation and quality improvement, accelerate the promotion of the "three full coverage" of industrial digitalization, and promote the "imitation and imitation promotion method". Special policies for digital lightweight transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises' common needs (N) and individual needs (X).

"N+X" digital transformation incentive policy

After the completion of the implementation of digital transformation, the transformation project with a total investment of 300,000-500,000 yuan (including) of the enterprise will be subsidized by 40% according to the actual investment, and the part exceeding 500,000 yuan will be subsidized according to the standard of "general informatization project".

01 Thermos cup intelligent manufacturing status, trend and practice sharing

SRT shared the status quo and trend of intelligent manufacturing in the cup industry, introduced the core technology, products and practice cases of the enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing of thermos cups, and the participants spoke highly of SRT's product capabilities in the cup industry.

02 SRT Thermos Cup "N+X" digital transformation solution introduction

SRT launched the cup production line lean management digital products for the thermal cup industry production pain points, with "production line + lean" as the core, to create and open the production of lean island in each process segment, using digital technology to help enterprises in the production line efficiency, quality, cost three aspects of lean management level.

03 Service providers digital products and experience sharing

Jinhua Unicom, Jinhua Telecom, Zhenglian Network, and Enterprise Chuang Zhilian shared their experience and advantages in lightweight digital products and localized services, AMT (Enterprise Source Technology), Huachen Kyushu Energy, Shanghai Jimeng Intelligence, Zhongke Cloud Innovation, Neku Information, and Minxihui Intelligence share their digital solutions and practical experience in the fields of digital consulting services, energy consumption monitoring and management, production and manufacturing digitalization, and business big data respectively.

Yongkang, known as the world's hardware capital, has a high degree of industrial concentration and the world's first output. SRT will use good policies to guide the advantages, implement the "N+X" digital transformation task, and continue to help the upgrade and development of vacuum cup enterprises.

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