2023 World Robot Competition, semiconductor industry professional skills competition opened

In order to strengthen professional construction, promote the integration of production and education, and improve the training system of skilled talents in the semiconductor field, the 2023 World Robot Competition (Beijing) Robot Application Competition | semiconductor industry professional skills Competition officially kicked off from August 17th to 20th.

The contest was organized by the Chinese Institute of Electronics; Co-organized by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Soft Robot Technology Co., LTD. (SRT) and United Innovation Century (Beijing) Brand Management Co., LTD. China Education Television Vocational Education Center strongly support.

100 students from 20 colleges and universities participated in the competition

On the afternoon of the 17th, the event site located in the E2 Hall of Beijing Beiren Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center was extremely popular. A total of more than 100 teachers and students from 20 vocational colleges gathered at the competition to witness the opening of the semiconductor competition and applaud the "skills create the future". Afterwards, the judges, school leaders and instructors participated in the pre-match briefing to ensure that the competition could be held in a fair, safe, orderly and civilized manner.

【Each participating institution will draw lots before the competition】

In the next two days, participants from 20 universities, such as Shanghai Electronic Information Vocational and Technical College, Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College, Yantai Engineering Vocational and Technical College, will be divided into secondary vocational groups and higher vocational groups respectively.

This competition focuses on the design, application and debugging technologies of core components of semiconductor equipment (manipulator, AFEF, calibrator). Within the specified time, players will be allowed to carry out semiconductor equipment assembly and debugging, equipment operation and maintenance skills competition in the way of on-site actual operation, aiming to enable students to master the application technology and process of semiconductor equipment. With semiconductor equipment innovative design ability and the ability to solve practical problems in the production process.

The content of the competition mainly covers

Semiconductor industry standard;

Semiconductor and mechanical electrical basic knowledge test;

Precision component assembly;

Control system design and electrical assembly;

Wafer transfer manipulator operation programming;

PLC and touch screen programming debugging;

Intelligent composite robot programming and debugging;

Equipment installation and commissioning and system integration.

【The participants are familiar with the venue】

Production and education integration collaborative innovation

We will promote the training of personnel who combine work with study

This semiconductor vocational skills competition is an important part of "implementing the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and strengthening the talent support for modernization construction", and it is also an important starting point for improving the quality of technical skills personnel training, testing teaching results, and leading education and teaching reform. At present, this competition is a skill competition with high standards, multiple contents and large scale for related majors in the semiconductor field, and will be held annually in the future.

SRT, as the organizer, provides the competition platform and technical standards for this competition, among which the technical platform selected for this competition is the "EDU100 series wafer transmission lithography training platform" produced by SRT.

SRT is a "specialized and new little giant" enterprise in the field of advanced manufacturing, shouldering the social responsibility of cultivating talents needed in the industrial chain, promoting employment and entrepreneurship. Through this competition, SRT hopes to use the wafer transmission device as the carrier to provide talent reserve and support for the development of the semiconductor field, promote the cultivation of talents combining work with work and the reform and innovation of the curriculum, and promote the general integration of jobs, the integration of industry and education, and the integration of science and education.

Finally, SRT will do its best to ensure the service of the competition, strive to create a "fair, high-quality, efficient and clean" competition environment, and create a semiconductor industry competition with temperature, depth, height and attitude.

Expand | semiconductor industry vocational skills competition platform

Background introduction

Semiconductor parts technology breakthrough is difficult, the industry barriers are high. Mechanical high-end products technology breakthrough difficulty is high, the localization rate is still low; The technical difficulty of electrical components is high, and the core module (RF power supply, etc.) has not been localized. Wafer transfer lithography application training platform aims at the core components of semiconductor equipment robot, AFEF, calibrator design, application and debugging related technologies, so that students can master the technology and process while having the innovative design ability of semiconductor equipment.

Product introduction

As a support platform for professional skills competition of semiconductor industry in the World Robot Competition, it adopts integrated design and is suitable for teaching and training of engineering majors such as microelectronics technology, integrated circuit technology, electronic product manufacturing technology, electronic product testing technology, electronic information engineering technology, electrical engineering and automation, and robot engineering. Relying on this platform, the practical teaching work of process design, electrical design, assembly, wiring, programming, debugging and other topics can be completed.

The platform is built according to the logic of wafer transmission in real semiconductor production scenarios, forming a typical wafer transmission application environment, which can meet the needs of wafer transmission applications in the semiconductor industry. The equipment can cultivate students' skills in assembly and debugging of special semiconductor equipment, intelligent hardware installation, operation and maintenance of semiconductor production equipment, and form the ability to solve practical process problems in the manufacturing process of integrated circuit wafers, as well as production safety awareness.

Basic configuration

● Wafer loading unit

● Wafer handling manipulator unit

● Wafer alignment unit

● Laser etching simulation unit

● Control unit

● Bench unit

● Composite robot unit

● Auxiliary materials


Main teaching point

● Wafer transmission and photolithography equipment assembly and debugging technology

● Semiconductor production equipment operation and maintenance technology

● Process application technology in wafer manufacturing

● Composite robot application technology

● Knowledge of production safety


Skill application point

● Wafer loading box applications

● Wafer handling manipulator application and programming

● Wafer alignment process application

● Laser etching process application

● Composite robot applications

● Semiconductor safety production


Practical training project

● Wafer transfer manipulator applications

● Hardware assembly and electrical wiring

● System program writing and debugging

● Data acquisition and display

● Safety design and production

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