Hardcore upgrade | SCB - PBS (high protection) pneumatic control module


"In the harsh production environment such as dust, oil pollution and humidity, scB-PBS (high protection) pneumatic control module reshapes the new idea of" problem solving ".


Why can SRT flexible end fixture occupy the production C position in countless industries such as food fresh, injection molding, automobile and daily chemicals? SCB-PBS pneumatic control module is an important part that can not be ignored.


As a professional driving equipment, SCB-PBS pneumatic control module can not only drive the flexible gripper to perform grasping and opening action, but also adjust the bending amplitude and grasping strength of the flexible gripper through the precise output of -60 ~ 100kPa adjustable air pressure. When the positive pressure output, the flexible gripper performs the grasping action (the micro vacuum gripper performs the opening action); When the negative pressure output, the flexible gripper performs opening action (the micro vacuum gripper performs gripping action); Press the two buttons at the same time, zero pressure output from the air outlet interface, and the flexible gripper returns to the natural state.



Therefore, the SCB-PBS pneumatic control module is closely connected with the flexible gripper, which is indispensable. Matching with other automation equipment, they together constitute the SRT flexible grasping system.


Today, THE SCB-PBS (high protection) pneumatic control module has been upgraded and transformed, breaking the impact of multiple environmental factors, the previous advantages remain the same, durable ability, stronger.



High protection grade, suitable for harsh working conditions


Compared with the previous generation, the new SCB-PBS series controller has a higher IP protection level, which can be applied to the work scene under the interference of various environmental factors, especially for the assembly line operation in the food industry.


For example, in the oil pollution environment, the controller is prone to water and oil, which is not conducive to the safe operation of the controller. Improve the protection level, means that the controller dust, liquid splashing ability stronger. At the same time, for the staff, with higher security.


 [Erosion Test of dumped Sewage]


 [Dumping of chip solution and Testing of aluminum chips]


 [Testing of oil dumping and Aluminium shavings]


Manually adjust the set pressure


SCB-PBS high protection series controller is equipped with a knob to adjust the output pressure value, which can adjust the set pressure of positive pressure and negative pressure respectively. It is not only convenient and fast, but also greatly reduces the time of deployment and debugging.


Precise high speed response


The faster the claw speed, the higher the production efficiency. Therefore, the scb-pbs series controllers optimize the previous generation control system, and the output gas pressure accuracy can reach ±2kPa, and the flow rate can reach 200L/min.


This means that by adjusting the output pressure more accurately and quickly, the set output pressure value can be achieved in a short time, while satisfying certain working conditions, but also making the gripper action frequency one step faster, effectively improving the production line efficiency.


Fault alarm function


SCB-PBS high protection series controller has mature "complete signal feedback and alarm signal feedback" system. Through the real-time detection of the output pressure, when detecting the leakage of the terminal fixture, the indicator lamp will immediately turn red, and the control system will output signals to facilitate the operator or the external control system to make judgment, so as to improve the reliability of the production line.




Industry characteristics determine the mode of production, and not all production lines can have a completely pollution-free production environment. The more adverse factors, the more it will cause equipment damage, efficiency reduction, and many safety problems. In this regard, SRT never stops thinking and is never conservative in its application of technology. SCB-PBS (high protection) pneumatic control module is such a technology to break through the "environmental blockade" production weapon.

Now, the production line "honey" designed for harsh environment has been the first "taste" of many enterprises. There is no doubt that "the seamless connection of production and technology, intelligent technology as the starting point, to solve practical application problems" has naturally become a new idea for business owners in various industries to break the boundary.


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