SRT joined hands with HARMAY for a "cyberpunk" engagement

On April 29, HARMAY Wuhan Titianyi store, a global beauty collection store, was officially opened, reproducing HARMAY storage genes and quickly becoming a holy land for fashion hipsters to punch in and shop. What's more, SRT's intelligent display warehouse perfectly integrates science and technology with beauty makeup, colliding ancient foreign firms with modern machinery, creating a shopping experience just like being in a science fiction space. SRT joins hands with HARMAY to join you in a cyberpunk date.


A hundred years ago, old foreign firms with white walls and retro doors and Windows were exporting all kinds of good things from the Yangtze River Valley. One hundred years later, HARMAY Wuhan Tianyi Store gathers global beauty products here to share fashion for "fashionistas".


However, push open the door across a hundred years, you will find that the door outside the door is already two time and space. Outside the door, of old foreign firm restore ancient ways as before, inside the door it is the container that puts orderly restore ancient ways and most those who let a person marvel as if to come from future "science fiction world", a variety of metallic elements adorn among them.


This "science fiction world" is the intelligent display three-dimensional warehouse created by SRT for HARMAY Wuhan Tiandi Store.


As the operator of intelligent display three-dimensional warehouse, SRT takes metal style as the main tone to create a "sci-fi version" shopping space that is more popular with Generation Z. The whole three-dimensional warehouse is divided into three layers, one layer for internal visit, two and three layers to access materials, and with experience observation window.


Hardware, the entire three-dimensional warehouse divided into four shelves, a total of 560 cargo space, to meet the needs of enterprise intensive storage. SRT is equipped with 4 picking robots, 4 lifting machines and 4 packing robots. The outlet of the warehouse is connected with THE APP, and the automatic operation of the whole process of materials' warehousing and warehousing is realized, realizing unmanned operation in all scenes such as ordering, grabbing and warehousing.


In addition, SRT uses flexible gripper instead of rigid gripper in order to prevent gripper scratching. SRT flexible gripper is an innovative flexible fixture designed to imitate the shape of starfish. It is made of standard silicone rubber (food grade) and has the advantages of good compatibility, gentle action and non-destructive grasping. It is suitable for grabbing cosmetics, blind boxes and other objects with soft packaging.


It is worth mentioning that the claw color can be customized according to enterprise requirements. In the HARMAY Prunes Wuhan Tiandi store, SRT has made the flexible claws black to match the warehouse style of HARMAY prunes.

In terms of software, SRT chooses advanced practical operating system and large-scale database support software to support distributed data management and access and connection between multiple data sources. Relying on information technology and modern logistics technology, SRT has reengineered and optimized the entire business process. In addition, considering the long-term development, the whole set of intelligent three-dimensional display warehouse system adopts modular design, advanced, stable, safe, reliable, easy to maintain and manage.


It is based on the calculation of the huge database that the three-dimensional warehouse can adjust the shelf structure and product iteration regularly according to the market demand. For instance what product is good to sell, what price is good to sell, the lipstick of which color number is more popular and so on, stereo storehouse can present data directly. Compared to traditional beauty stores, which adjust once every few months, three-dimensional warehouses can be adjusted daily or even hourly.


With the improvement of people's consumption level, store orders are increasing day by day, and labor costs are rising year by year, which increases the pressure of warehouse operation and management of enterprises. As a pioneer of advanced technology, SRT deeply focuses on the actual scene demand, deploys a huge automated storage space for HARMAY Plum Wuhan Tiandi Store, and adopts intelligent robot automatic sorting blind boxes to reduce labor intensity and alleviate the problem of manpower shortage. Thanks to the support of SRT's leading technology, HARMAY Wuhan Tiandi Store has become the only warehouse of blind boxes for mechanical arm in China, and also an important carrier for HARMAY plum to promote brand culture.

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