SRT’s Distinguished Gripper Serves to Upgrade Production Line of Sanitary Hardware Accessory

There are common problems in the sanitary ware manufacture, such as the low-level automation of process manufacturing facilities, and the relatively poor collaboration of stations and facilities.

As the customized orders are continuously increasing, a more flexible production mode is required, namely the production mode should be able to meet the demand of mass and multi-variety production. Consequently, a more compatible end actuator is required.


Application in Loading and Unloading in Production of Sanitary Hardware Accessory

The following video shows the production line of sanitary hardware accessories of a manufacturer, in which the loading and unloading are mainly carried out by traditional grippers that are frequently changed according to production requirements due to their failure to adapt to various sizes of the accessories. In order to solve this problem, the SFG-N series flexible grippers developed by SRT are introduced by the manufacturer, and the original automatic production lines are upgraded to more sufficient and stable ones.

Flexible Grippers with Good Compatibility

SFG-N series flexible grippers designed by mimicking the grab of human’s hand realize the bending and deformation via inflation, so as to complete the grasp motion. One and the same gripper can gently grasp accessories of different sizes, shapes and weights without any damage to the accessories or leaving a scratch on their surface.


Four Distinguished Key Features

•Accuracy: the gripper can accurately grasp an item despite the deviation of its size, shape and location;

•Undamaged: the flexible and coated gripper will not damage the accessory nor leave a scratch on the surface;
•Load: the gripper can load up to 10kg with a grasp life of more than 3 million times;

•Compatibility: One and the same gripper can grasp accessories of different sizes, shapes and weights, saving the time of production change.


Technical Specification


The SFG-N series flexible grippers can be applied to various areas such as the 3C (Computer, Communication and Consumer) electronics, automobile, medical treatment, daily chemical products and food. They also can be used in the integrated intelligent assembly, automatic sorting, warehouse logistics and food processing assembly line.

Customized Service

A gripper with its fingers covered by a functional material is optional under a special working condition. SRT’s professional technical team can also provide you with customized service with a fastest development period of 3 working days. You are welcome to call 400 186 7770 for more details