Zhu Lifan, Secretary of Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee, investigated Suzhou Soft Robot Technology Co., Ltd

On April 18, Zhu Lifan, Secretary of Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee and his team visited our company for work investigation, accompanied by Gao Shaolong, CEO of Suzhou Soft Robot Technology Co., Ltd. Lu Defeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, accompanied the visit.

Suzhou Soft Robot Technology Co., Ltd, led by CEO Gao Shaolong, demonstrated the gripping function of the SRT flexible gripper for the leaders and explained the advantages and applications of the product in conjunction with the function. Gao also made an in-depth analysis of the stock market and incremental market of soft robots, and claimed that soft robots would have a profound impact on the manufacturing industry, logistics industry, agricultural automation industry and service industry.

Zhu Lifan expressed his affirmation on the achievements of the enterprise and learnt about the current operating conditions and actual needs of the company. He pointed out that the soft robot technology is one of the main forces in the economic transformation and upgrading of Zhangjiagang City, and the municipal government of Zhangjiagang City will always be a solid guarantee for the development of the enterprise.Zhu also hoped that the enterprise would further strive, dare to think and fight, and contribute to the transformation from "Made in Zhangjiagang" to "Created in Zhangjiagang".


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