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  In 2019, about 0.8 billion thermal flasks (pots) were produced in China, and once linked, they were even enough for circling around the earth for almost 3 circles. 60% of these flasks were from Yongkang, a prefectural city of Zhejiang Province, and 99% were manually produced. SRT’s flexible grippers have realized non-destructive handling and flexible changeover of thermal flasks, which have handled the core difficulties. In addition, SRT offers overall industry solutions. With 10,000 drawings, it has developed digital unmanned production lines plus industrial internet platforms for the industry of thermal flasks once for all, evaluated as general contractor of industrial internet platforms for the industry of thermal flasks in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province. 

  Able to offer industrial internet solutions, SRT has successfully built the world’s 1st unmanned smart plant and digital platform for the industry of thermal flasks. The automatic production line for metal housings of thermal flasks integrates new special machines with high-speed moving modules. The whole production line and equipment, with digital ports, are equipped with production monitoring system on the special industrial internet cloud platform for thermal flasks, thus making it possible to monitor and manage production on a real-time basis. 

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