Vision Image Measurement


  Descriptions: [Cross-camera image measuring instrument for dimensions of thermal flasks] is suitable for precisely measuring outside dimensions of flask mouth, body, bottom and other parts in production lines of thermal flasks. Through intensive R&D of thermal flask manufacturing technologies, systematic high-precision devices have been developed for precise measurement of metal surfaces and contours. Based on the independent smart vision technology, SRT provides its users with friendly human-machine interaction software. It has realized automatic loading and unloading with mechanical arms, one-key automatic measurement of flask body at 360° and one-key template switching for different types of products. 

  Parameters: 1. High-precision non-contact measurement (precision: 0.01mm); 2. Automatic detection at 360° (2.7s/pcs); 3. Wide-field imaging makes it possible for measuring size of points, lines, circles, arcs and angles of flask mouth, body, shoulder and so on. 

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