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 Every part of the phone can be grabbed. New products online, where does MVG mini vacuo gripper come from?    


As a big 3C electronic manufacturing country, although the 3C electronic manufacturing industry tends to be mature compared with the whole industry at present, the penetration rate of automation and intelligence is less than 30% in terms of the coverage of production process. In particular, 3C electronic products have a large number of components, small size, and high precision requirements, so the business bottleneck is much more complex.


Take the mobile phone industry for example, many enterprises are thinking about how to get out of the bottleneck through intelligent decision-making in the process of digital transformation, so as to achieve high quality and high yield and enhance market competitiveness.



Industry | phone lens metal outer ring

The metal outer ring of the mobile phone lens is an important part of the external assembly of the mobile phone, mainly installed around the mobile phone camera. On the one hand, it can fix and protect the lens from vibration damage; On the other hand, it can also prevent dust and water vapor to ensure the service life of the lens. Usually, the metal outer ring is polished, polished and cleaned to make the lens look better, and the final assembly can be completed once certain requirements are met.


It can be said that the metal outer ring of the mobile phone lens is like the "holy grail" of the whole external components of the mobile phone lens, and the production process should be focused on protection.



"The metal outer ring of mobile phone lens is generally small, coupled with material constraints, and the wear rate is high in production." A manufacturer is in charge of divulging, because the size of metal outer ring can produce trivial-bit change along with different mobile phone category, the rigid clamped claw that uses tradition before undertakes fluctuation material can cause a lot of problems. For example, the rigid gripper action track is single, can not achieve a universal gripper for all metal outer ring, poor compatibility. In addition, because the strength of rigid skeleton is not controllable, often cause scratches, deformation and other problems to metal outer ring, undoubtedly reduced production efficiency, cost multiplication.


New product | MVG mini vacuo gripperr

SRT in the end-effector field for many years, MVG mini vacuo gripperr high specification new online, let us know the new product.


PLUS+ level experience, continuous playback. As the newly developed micro gripper from SRT, it has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight and easy operation. In industrial production, it is often necessary to grab and handle small, fragile and fragile workpiece, this product is specially designed for this kind of workpiece micro clamping claw.



High specification, multi - category leading.  MVG mini vacuo gripper is equipped with 2 fingers, 3 fingers, 4 fingers and other multiple different choices. The plastic head material is also upgraded in standard type, anti-static type and dustproof type, and the scene is more adaptable.


The unique design of the cavity inside the claw can open the tip of the claw when applying positive pressure, and close the tip of the claw when applying negative pressure, so as to grab and release items.


In mobile phone production enterprises, by adding MVG mini vacuo gripper(model MVG-SC6-G3D1801) in the production line, because of the characteristics of silica gel material, flexible grasp and controllable strength, in the process of handling will not damage any part of the metal outer ring, the pass rate repeatedly set new high, "cost advantage" is increasingly prominent.



Hardcore | these four new features, let's one by one to look down

Flexible grasping, suitable for small size workpiece: in precision electronic instruments, mobile phones and other related workpiece laying, assembly, sorting and AOI detection loading and unloading production, performance is particularly outstanding;


Large tensioning range, strong adaptability: not affected by the size difference of the workpiece, position deviation, high compatibility. More professional in dealing with fragile and fragile products, and to a certain extent to ensure the safety of staff;


Compact size, easy installation: small size and fine, light weight, and simple control, plug and play. Suitable for high density array to improve production efficiency;


There are many types of rubber head, which can be customized: different colloid models can be customized according to the actual production situation of different workpiece, with higher flexibility.



What  MVG mini vacuo gripper "holds" is the product, while WHAT SRT wants to do is to use the power of science and technology to build a moat for enterprises to increase source and reduce expenditure, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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