SRT digital production line all-round help to upgrade the thermos cup industry

As a common drinking water tool in life, the seemingly ordinary thermos cup hides a market worth billions of yuan, and its sales are still rising year by year, from 18.63 billion yuan in 2016 to more than 28 billion yuan in 2021. With the improvement of national health awareness and living standards, coupled with the strong demand for intelligent, personalized, energy saving and environmental protection, the market scale of thermos cup will further expand.


Industry "rising sound" constantly, although for the rapid development of thermos cup manufacturers brought driving force, but also further intensified the market competition. At the same time, when the demographic dividend fades, enterprises have to face labor shortages, rising costs and other problems. The rapid development and application of automation and intelligent technology not only alleviates the dilemma of "difficult employment" of enterprises, but also further improves product quality. SRT adopts industry 4.0 technology to create digital production line for thermos cups, realizing flexible deployment of production line and intelligent manufacturing.


Integrated machine to solve the problem of changing model

SRT understands that uniformity and coordination are more efficient. SRT keep-warm glass production line of the whole line adopts digital modular, standardized one-piece machine design and realization of laser points cup, reducing, waterproof roll neck, flaring, thread on the process of a key switch, a machine can switch a variety of craft, improve the scalability of production line, production line production efficiency, solve the traditional differentiation of line installation, HuanXing annoyance machines.


In addition, the whole line beat faster, higher productivity. The average consumption time of a single cup is only 6s, and the production capacity of 5800PCS can be reached in 10 hours of a single shift, greatly improving the utilization rate of the line body.


With flexible gripper, realize lossless transfer

In the traditional vacuum cup production line, the loss of the vacuum cup in the production process is not a small number. To reduce production losses, SRT uses robots to move loads between machines to reduce manual intervention and improve line stability. At the same time, SRT also uses the patented technology of lossless load transfer to realize the lossless handling of thermos cups.


Compared with traditional metalworking line, SRT digital thermos cup production line has a higher yield and yield of more than 99%, which largely avoids direct economic loss caused by steel loss.


Modular design, one key to change the mold


Aiming at the problem of long mold change time in traditional thermos production line, SRT thermos digital production line has also been innovatively optimized. SRT digital thermos cup production line adopts one-button mold replacement mode to realize the function of fast mold replacement. The mold replacement time is controlled within two hours. The built-in program can replace the product model with one button to reduce the time of cup replacement, highly optimize the production capacity, and greatly reduce the production time and cost.


Digital production, data upload cloud

In the digital age, digital technology is the standard of automated production lines. SRT thermos cup digital production line is equipped with digital port, which can directly upload machine processing parameters to the cloud to realize digital process. While improving the production quality and efficiency of thermos cup, the labor cost is greatly reduced.


For the traditional manufacturing industry, with the intensification of industry competition and the improvement of consumer demand, automation is like a black hole, no matter whether the enterprise is active or passive, can not escape to the fate of automation. Only enterprises that truly complete their own automation "revolution" can join the world's advanced manufacturing industry. SRT, as the intelligent equipment and production line supplier of the thermos industry, provides the whole plant planning service and turnkey project of the production line, enabling the construction of numerical cloud platform and intelligent manufacturing upgrade of the thermos industry.

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