Field Application Engineer



Position Detail:

1, Responsible for the technical support, confirmation, analysis and processing of customer problems
2, Responsible for completing solutions according to project requirements together with R&D team
3, Responsible for the collation, analysis, summary and sharing of on-site technical support cases
4, collect and understand the performance, advantages and disadvantages of main competitors' products, and complete analysis reports
5, Test of automation robot arm and mechanical gripper
6, Confirm customer demand, cooperate with sales team, so as to promote business growth
7, When problems arise in the project, timely coordinate and communicate with partners
8, Product technical guidance for customers and agents

Job Requirement:

1, Bachelor degree or above, majoring in mechanical automation
2, Ability to use 3D design software and 2D design software
3, Ability to debug industrial robots or PLC
5, Two years or more experience of FAE or system development is preferred
6, Experience in design and assembly of non-standard automation equipment is preferred
7, Good at communicating and listening, excellent written and oral communication skills, strong teamwork ability
8, Strong learning ability, willing to accept the challenges brought by new technology and new market and accept business travel

Office Location:

If you are interested, please send CV to us by e-mail:

hotline: 0086+400-186-7770

Business :

Beijing Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd.

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Suzhou Soft Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd.

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